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The universe knew what it was doing when it lead me to Belinda.

There are so many ways to describe how Belinda has supported me on my journey. To say that she provides a safe space to really explore the stuff that gets in the way of living your best life…is an understatement.

Her gift is helping us to get real and heal.

I feel so blessed to have had (and still have) the support of Belinda as I journey through this glorious adventure we call life.

You know how much you mean to me and I will be forever grateful!

J.L - Gold Coast

Through the various holistic approaches offered by Empower Within, I was empowered and able to release emotional baggage as well as identify and shift destructive patterns. It was a life changing experience made possible by Belinda who is a dedicated, caring and compassionate facilitator. A process I highly recommend…​

K.P - Gold Coast

While struggling in the relationship with my ex-partner, I sought the expertise of Empower Within and Belinda. Not only did Belinda and the Radical Forgiveness techniques enable me to move forward in life, but also to understand the bigger picture behind why these things happen! She allowed me to heal within myself and dissolve any negative energy surrounding my ex-partner.

The fact that I have referred many of my friends to Belinda stands testament to how much I truly believe in this amazing process! This has been the best gift anyone could’ve given to me and I am so grateful to have been given the opportunity to experience radical forgiveness!.

D.B - Gold Coast