Before my first meeting at Empower Within, I was busy, stressed, tired and angry, but life coaching sessions with Belinda has helped me to recognize and change the negative patterns that were creating my life experiences.

Talking with Belinda is like sitting and having it out with your best friend, but the difference being she can point out what triggers and patterns are creating your experiences. It’s like having a light bulb moment and when you realise what you need to work on, Belinda will show you the way.

During every visit Belinda keeps it real at all times and never eludes to having the perfect life herself unlike some life coaches. Instead she shares her own experiences to help me on my on my journey and I am grateful for her openness and honesty.

Now I have achieved everything I wanted to achieve with Belinda’s help. I have a job I love, that suits my family and me and I am paid what I set out to achieve.

I feel great, happy, full energy and am grateful for all I have.

I love every visit with Belinda.