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What is Radical Forgiveness

Radical Forgiveness is a spiritual philosophy that has a practical applications to people’s lives by virtue of the spiritual perspective that it gives on life. It is a therapy insofar as it gives a spiritual perspective that the person can apply in the manner of self-help in any situation that he or she might be dealing with.

Radical forgiveness is a simple and profound process that dissolves pain attached to our emotionally related problems. It can be used for money issues, relationship problems, sexual abuse, health issues, depression, anger, resentment, feeling used, betrayal, rejection and feelings of abandonment. Radical Forgiveness processes assist in the release toxic pain from old emotional wounds and helps free harmful behaviour patterns.

There are many benefits derived from the Radical Forgiveness processes, which may include:

  • Improved health and well-being – by releasing tension and anxiety associated with past events and traumas.
  • Increased and focused energy – by releasing the emotional weights that have been keeping you from achieving what you have always desired.
  • Freedom from the past – by releasing those negative attachments that have kept you bound emotionally to former partners, friends and those who have caused you pain or harm.
  • Real peace and happiness – by arriving at a state of awareness and acceptance of past negative experiences and relationships.
  • Freedom from old patterns – with the ability to enjoy new ways forward with a more enriching, loving and peaceful life.
  • Increased Spiritual growth – by moving out of feelings of resentment, anger and blame and into feelings of compassion acceptance and love.

how it works

Radical Forgiveness works similar to how homeopathic remedies work. That is to say they work holo-energetically.

In a holographic world each minute part of the universe is not only connected energetically to the whole but contains the whole. Homeopathy uses this principal by making remedies that affect the energy system of the organism. This is the same idea with Radical Forgiveness. Therefore when changing one part energetically you affect the whole.

Through coaching you will be able to see your situation, relationship or issue from a whole new perspective. The process helps you discover that beneath the drama, hurt, and angst of any situation there is a spiritual component that is gently offering you an opportunity to heal. It works at the energetic level and the effects are often instantaneous. People feel better immediately and frequently their life problems dissolve soon afterwards.

People who use Radical Forgiveness are profoundly changed by it. Old hurts dissolve. Long-held resentments seem to melt away. Once-broken relationships are healed. And beyond those miracles, life seems to begin to operate on a higher level, with more synchronicities and more flow.

Our culture has long taught us to look at our experiences through the eyes of a victim: to judge, lay blame, accuse, and seek revenge. But this only anchors the pain in and perpetuates our suffering. Radical Forgiveness guides us to transcend the victim archetype, embrace the unseen perfection in our experience and reclaim our true power.

Radical Forgiveness is a simple and intuitive process that doesn’t require any special skills for you to have extraordinary results. You can profoundly shift from victim onsciousness to empowerment in one seating, and experience an amazing release of hurt and trauma.

This will enable you to:

  • Free yourself – from victim consciousness
  • Discover the embracing love – that lies behind every circumstance you have endured
  • Tap into the trust, security and peace within you – to dispel the pain you’ve carried
  • Claim your power to live your life fully – with peace and acceptance


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Virtual Coaching

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