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Welcome! My name is Belinda Porter, a Life Empowerment Coach, founder and creator of Empower Within. I am also very fortunate to be the only certified Radical Forgiveness Coach, Radical Living Coach, Radical Master Coach and Radical Living Workshop Leader in Australia.

I strive to be of service to others by helping people view their lives from a different perspective, to challenge fear-based thinking and move in to love based living.

I have studied for over fifteen years spiritual principals, concepts and beliefs connected to the subconscious mind. In 2010 I studied the principals of forgiveness and energy and using a combination of my courses, I teach others in shifting their own mindset from fear to peace.

Having personally applied the principals of Forgiveness, I have completely transformed and empowered my own life.

My purpose to teach others what I have learnt about energy and the law of attraction has become a driving force in living out my purpose. I support and guide people in viewing what has happened to them from a different perspective so that they can move through the experience with more peace and love.

Our Services

Self Acceptance & Empowerment

Many people harbour self-criticism, guilt and anger towards themselves. Holding Guilt comes from what we have done in the past. Feeling Shame comes from who we are or how we feel about ourselves.

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We all have had relationships that have affected us in profound ways both negative and positive. People who have damaged us by making us feel hopeless, helpless, useless, worthless and more.

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Like many modern thinkers and practioners, I believe that the key to happiness is through our thoughts. When we become aware of our conscious and unconscious thoughts we will see a direct connection to what is happening in our now reality.

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Virtual Coaching

Empower Within was created with the desire to help people shift their emotional pain, to help people understand what beliefs are currently running their lives and to also help dissolve those beliefs so they will start to create the life they want.

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