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I am a spiritual entrepreneur and alchemist here to evolve the planets frequency one human at a time. I have studied many spiritual practices over the last 25-years including forgiveness, mindfulness, metaphysics, and energetics. I have decoding and healed timelines from my past which allowed me to be connected to my spiritual abilities. I am now able to understand and transform energetics and to tap into a frequency of energy that uncovers blocks that are not in true alignment to universal laws. Helping to evolve people into lighter code frequencies.  In resolving all limitations of the mind and ego it has accelerated my frequency of energy and my ability to embody higher levels of coding. This allows me to take clients through accelerated healing and transformation.

I am an empath who understands energy. I have spent years understanding energetics and resolving coding connected to my beliefs and thought patterns. This has developed my intuition and telepathy skills to be now able to assist others in connecting and resolving their own personal coding creating deep personal transformation. Resulting in a deep spiritual connection within themselves and understanding a deeper purpose and connection to humanity.


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Experience the next dimension of yourself, build confidence, create wealth, and resolve all limitations by getting to knowing your true self. Understand true alchemy and spiritual self-mastery.

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Connect to higher frequencies of energy and access the 5D Matrix. Experience hybrid programs including videos and modules that will raise your consciousness, elevate your frequency of energy so that you become an energetic force that connects you to the powerful field of potential.

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Join the Empower Within 'empowered global community'. Membership is complimentary for those who have had mentoring or purchased one of the Empowered Within online programs or courses.

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What you will achieve...

  • Tap into your supreme thinking power
  • Freedom to let go of past painful experiences
  • Raise your consciousness
  • Developed intuition
  • Confidence in ‘self’

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