Is mentoring on the energetics of wealth something that would benefit me?

Energetics and metaphysics around money is something I am deeply passionate about. I have spent years studying coding around wealth which I am now passionate about sharing. Building the ‘Money Matrix’ program allows everyone to understand and dissolve their own personal energetics around wealth. As a master of inner realm alchemy, I understand the holographic universe. As a spiritual entrepreneur and creator, I have built a program to dismantle these codes so that you too can resolve your 3D matrix around money and become a powerful wealth creator.  Mastering energetics around money will give you ultimate freedom and purpose to create a dream reality.  It will resolve all coding and energetics that has kept you away from abundant freedom and wealth. You move from surviving to thriving.

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Why do I need to work on my mind set around money?

We live in a holographic reality that is a mirror to our energetics.  Your thinking and beliefs are a projection into your world. Your current wealth will be a match to your emotional relationship and resonance with wealth. Its physics, your thinking is a projection into your reality.  Everyone can create more wealth, not by doing more, but by being a consistent match to attracting it. To become a match to wealth it is essential to clear any energetic limited coding in the 3D matrix.  The money matrix program does all the hard work to resolve these limited money coding. You become an energetic match to wealth.

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Why is our working on the ‘shadow-self’ important to wealth creation?

The shadow work is everything connected to fear. Money can have the greatest fear-based beliefs. We are here to resolve all beliefs connected to fear and expand into love. This is why we are on the planet. To become an attractor to wealth creation you must dismantle your fears around wealth. Shifting your emotions, beliefs, fears, and timelines allows for a 5th dimensional shifts and expansion. As your dissolve your energetics you draw into your life more joy, gratitude, and wealth. Your thinking shifts into 5th dimensional and dissolves 3rd dimension fear-based limitations. You move from surviving to thriving. Your relationship with money is a spiritual experience here to help evolve your mind, to expand you into higher frequencies of energy and to evolve the collective consciousness of the planet.

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Experience the next dimension of yourself, build confidence, create wealth, and resolve all limitations by getting to knowing your true self. Understand true alchemy and spiritual self-mastery.

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Connect to higher frequencies of energy and access the 5D Matrix. Experience hybrid programs including videos and modules that will raise your consciousness, elevate your frequency of energy so that you become an energetic force that connects you to the powerful field of potential.

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