ready to free yourself and forgive those around you?

We all have had relationships that have affected us in profound ways both negative and positive. Events from our past that made us feel hopeless, helpless, useless, worthless and more. They can be our parents, friends, partners, children or work colleagues and just about anyone person we have ever encountered in our lives. They have emotionally affected us and we may feel like our life experience has changed after that incident. They have changed the way we feel and we can never forgive them, or we would like to forgive them – but feel like it is impossible.

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it’s time to do something

If we do nothing about the emotional wounds that we have collected through our lives, they can end up defining who we are, reducing our feelings of self-worth, controlling our relationships and limiting our success.

They can affect just about every aspect of our lives and relationships.

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finding peace

Realtionship coaching, will make you feel lighter, freer, and more at peace. When you release the energy you’ve been unconsciously using to hold onto your pain and anger, you will empower yourself and let go of the emotianal baggage that has kept you bound. Your relationships will start to improve without you having to do or say anything.

The stories you have held on to, will dissolve without even trying and your life with those people will start to change. You will let go of the resentments and ultimately connect to peace and love for the person and the situation.

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is it time to forgive?

Did we choose our parents before we came in? Was it all pre-arranged that they would sow the seeds of our opportunities for spiritual growth during our adult lives? No matter how deep or superficial the wounds we suffered as children, were they, in fact, all part of our soul’s plan?

Contemplation of this possibility is the foundation stone of Radical Forgiveness. It is explored in this book as a spiritual approach to ‘reframing’ our childhood experiences that, up to now, we might have thought were less that perfect and for which we hold our parents, at least partially, to blame.

Forgiving our parents, therefore, does not mean simply ‘letting bygones be bygones.’ It means seeing the utter perfection in their imperfection. It means coming to a place of deep appreciation and gratitude for all that they did to launch us on our journey towards our Awakening. It means seeing the Truth and returning ourselves to Love.

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